Konnichiwa! How is everybody doing in their various places? I am doing quite well here in…Fukuoka, Japan! It was very nice to be able to talk to Mom, Dad, and Grandma Mooney. The flights were interesting (the flight from Seattle to Tokyo was long, but fortunately it was an hour shorter than we thought it was going to be). I arrived in Fukuoka around 9:30 PM (local time), and once everyone acquired their luggage we loaded into vans and drove to the mission home, which is located beneath the temple. We had a bit of a snack and then got to bed around 11:00 pm.

Today has been wonderful. I had orientation, mission president interviews, and did a little contacting. I am about to go with one of the missionaries to a practice lesson with a member family. Tonight I will receive my area and companion assignment, and then tomorrow I will be leaving for wherever I am going to be for the next while!

Well, we have to leave for the lesson soon, so I don’t have much more time. I love you! Have a great day, a wonderful week, and a superb year!


Tyler Madsen choro


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