Happy Mother’s Day! …And now for chapter two! (The Second Transfer)

こんにちわ! Hey, everybody! How are you all doing in your various locations? I am doing quite swell here in Miyakonojo, Japan!

It was super awesome that all our immediate family (plus some) was able to Google Hangout for Mother’s Day today! I am so grateful for the technology which God has provided to make such things possible. It is true that there are many bad things that people use technology for, but there is also so much good! Heavenly Father has blessed us to live in this time where he has provided the technology that makes it so much easier to hasten his work, and I have heard many times that we have hardly scratched the surface of technological possibilities. The world may be darkening as it strays farther and farther from the Lord, but we have such a bright future as long as we look unto Christ! Do not fear the future. God has commanded us not to fear, and fear is the opposite of faith. There will always be horrible things happening in the world, but we need not fear.

Anyway, this week has been quite great! I suppose I should tell everybody where I am before I forget, since I did not know whether I was transferring when I emailed last week. So… (drum roll) …I am still in Miyakonojo, and my companion is still Elder Jensen! Yay! I am quite excited to continue here with Elder Jensen. He is a wonderful missionary, and I think that we work very well together. We should be able to accomplish great things over the next six weeks.

As for the other companionship in our apartment (Elders Smith and Henrie), Elder Henrie transferred and Elder Smith now has a Nihonjin (Japanese) companion, Elder Nara. This is the first time Elder Smith has had a Nihonjin companion; it will be a great opportunity for all of us to use and learn a lot more Nihongo (Japanese). Elder Nara is awesome.

We have not yet been able to contact Miki chan since meeting with her mother last week (although we have tried a few times), but we will keep working hard on her. She is a great person, and she really needs to be baptized! It has been a while since her baptismal date passed, so we want to meet with her again and set a new one for her to focus on, and we also would like to invite her to bear testimony to her parents so that they can understand that she does want to be baptized for herself (because she believes), and not to please anybody else. Hopefully we will be able to contact/meet with her soon.

I also met another of our investigators the other week at Eikaiwa (English class). Her name is Misaki chan, and she is nine years old. The missionaries had been teaching her up until about three months ago, but then they suddenly stopped visiting (that was because of one missionary, Elder Jensen’s companion just before me, but I won’t get into that; just an aside for anybody who is currently or going to be a missionary: work hard your entire mission! Do not stop before the end!). Anyway, she came to Eikaiwa again two weeks ago (and then again last week), and she is such a wonderful girl! She is great. She is also a very good artist (I will attach a picture of some pictures she drew on the white board after Eikaiwa). I am looking forward very much to teaching her.

There are many other things which I would like to talk about, but I do not have time now. I love you all!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I love you so much, and am very grateful for everything you have done for me and for our family. Like Kyle said today in our Google Hangout, I also have come to appreciate much more everything that you do for us. I am grateful to have such a subarashi (wonderful) mother! I love you!

All you other mothers, Happy Mother’s Day to you, too!

Have a super day, a great week, and a subarashi year!


Elder Madsen

Here are some pictures:

These first three are of the first (live) snail I have seen in Japan. It apparently decided that the door to the church was a good place to roam:

This is Elder Jensen with his new friend, whom we met during a lessson (actually, before the lesson while we were eating a very good lunch) with Kawauchi san:

Elder Jensen’s friend:

These are the pictures that Misaki chan drew on the whiteboard. They are all labelled with missionaries that she has known. I am apparently the one on the far right, the stork with glasses. 🙂

Another panoramic picture of Miyakonojo from the front door of our apartment:

Another panorama of Miyakonojo taken from a different side of the city.

Anyway, that’s everything for this week. I love you all so much! I love this work so much! I miss American food more than I thought I would! (The things you didn’t think you would miss…) I still love the food here, though! Everything is wonderful!


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