Rainy Season! Yay!!!

Dear Kaicho,

This week was quite good. Some of our plans fell through, but that is alright. It happens. That is why we have backup plans!

We had another lesson scheduled with Kuzuguchi san, and it was going to be at the church with two other members there (Sakamoto "Shinko" shimai, who has been jointing with us for her lessons; and Suzuki shimai, who is an awesome convert of two years), but then Kuzuguchi san got a bad headache and could not make it. Zannen! (Unfortunate!) However, we will schedule another lesson for this week. She is progressing well, but still has concerns about how it would affect her family relationship if she were baptized. We continue to pray for her and encourage her to continue to read the Book of Mormon and pray about baptism as well. She is wonderful!

We taught a short lesson to one of our fairly new investigators, 谷口さん, (Taniguchi san) and it went very well. She is a young mother with a 3- or 4-year-old son who is very cute. The first time we met he was playing with a rubber band gun, and this time he came out with a (toy) sword that he was swinging around, probably to impress the Americajin (Americans). We had met her a week earlier and gave her a Book of Mormon, and in our follow-up with her she said she had read 30 pages! She thinks it is very good, but is a bit concerned about why Nephi killed Laban, so we will help answer that in our next visit. I have great hopes for her progress. She is awesome!

We also taught a mogi (practice) lesson to Suzuki shimai, and it was superb! She shared some personal experiences, and the Spirit was quite potent. She is great, and I am sure we will involve her more often; she has a great testimony.

On Friday I had a junkai (split) with Elder Smith, which was great. Through the assistance of some of the members we were able to discover the correct location of one of our less-active members. It also rained quite a bit that day, and Elder Smith and I enjoyed our time swimming down the streets on our bicycles. I have not previously had that experience, so it was quite interesting. I actually enjoy the rain very much, so it was quite fun. Elder Smith is a great missionary, and I am grateful to be working with him and to have him as my district leader here in 都城 (Miyakonojo)。I know that swimming is not a proper activity for missionaries, but when the rain starts it can become a necessary function for survival. 🙂 Actually, the water wasn’t too extreme – just above our ankles when waiting at some stoplights. I also received my first and second car splashes of my mission, but it didn’t really make a difference since I was already soaked. I am certain to have more such experiences, especially within the next few months! The rainy season is just starting up, and lasts until mid-July. Then we apparently have the hot season, and then the typhoon season starts up in August and goes through September. The typhoon season apparently is essentially the rainy season plus the hot season plus lots of wind, so I have some great times to look forward to! Yay!!!

As always, Elder Jensen and I are getting along very well. Our 度量 かんけい (companion relationship) continues to go to infinity, and beyond. We have a great drawing of our かんけい that I will have to take a picture of. It is quite descriptive. I love him! He is great.

I know that this is the Lord’s work, and I am excited to continue in this great service. I know that through the Atonement of Christ we can all live together with God and our families for eternity, as long as we do the things we should and endure to the end.

Thank you all for your wonderful examples! I pray for you every day!

愛してます! (I love you!)


マドセン 長老
Elder Madsen

Just a few random pictures for the week:

Another view from the front of our apartment, this time with clouds! Yay, clouds! We received rain shortly after.

This is a turtle we found in the middle of the road! We rendered some service to it by returning it to its natural habitat (there was a river nearby, so I let it go into the luscious vegetation near the river).

Elder Jensen with the turtle:

Me with the turtle (and rainy glasses; glasses are not so enjoyable in the rain).


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