Happy Father’s Day! Happy Birthday to Hyrum, Isaiah, and Isaac! Transfer Week (for President and Sister Gustafson, too)!

Hello, everybody! How are you all doing in your various locations? I
am doing quite well here in Japan!

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Thank you for being such a wonderful father
and example! I said it last week, but again: Happy Birthday! I hope it
was great! I am also glad that you enjoyed the card.

Happy Birthday, Isaac! Happy Birthday, Hyrum! Happy Birthday, Isaiah!
Happy Birthday, anybody else who also has a birthday this month! June
sure seems like a popular birthday month in our family. πŸ™‚

This week has been quite wonderful! We had a lesson was with Miyamura,
our 84-year-old investigator. It was our first actual lesson with her,
and we decided to focus on being able to become an eternal family
through the blessings of the temple, and that in order to enter the
temple we first need to be baptized, and we were able to set a
baptismal date. She also came to church again this week, and stayed
for both Sacrament meeting and Gospel Principles class. Interestingly,
the topic in Gospel Principles was on baptism! At the end she
mentioned to one of the members that she had been baptized into the
Catholic church when she was younger, but could she be baptized again?
Today we are going to visit again and create a baptismal calendar with

Our other lesson was with a new investigator named Ijichi. He is 54
years old and works night shift as a butcher, usually from 6pm to 6am,
so it can be a bit difficult to meet with him during the day (because
he is usually sleeping); he wants to come to church but since he
usually sleeps during that time it is a bit difficult (however, we
will work on addressing that issue soon). He wants to meet with us as
much as possible, though, and has a lot of really deep questions. Last
time we gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon (one of the few we have
left to give out; hopefully we will get some more soon…), which he
seemed excited about. He said that he would definitely read it. One of
the questions he has is, "Why did God create imperfect people from the
start, such as Adam and Eve who would choose to eat the fruit?" We
will definitely study a lot in the Book of Mormon to be able to
provide and expound on God’s answers to his questions.

We also had a nice Open House this week. Not many people came – about
eight non-members – but I think everybody had a great experience
there. Much of the time was taken with a "Mini Concert" in which we
missionaries sang various songs, Sister Kashiwa played the piano, and
Elder Gass played the violin. We also made American treats (no-bake
cookies and rice krispie treats), which everyone seemed to enjoy. We
were also grateful to have the dendou board; as always, it looked

You may have noticed from the title that this is transfer week, even
though it has only been five weeks since our last transfer. That is
because this week not only are the missionaries transferring, but so
are President and Sister Gustafson, too! They have completed their
three-year mission, and will be returning home. They will definitely
be missed, but I will continue to learn from the example that they set
for me while I have been here.

I am grateful for the opportunity that I have had to be here in
Shimonoseki. Whether I stay or leave this transfer, I know that
wherever I am is where the Lord needs me to be.

I know this is the Lord’s work, and we are simply here to be
instruments in his hands. All we have to do is work on being the best
instruments for the job.

I love you all, and hope have a wonderful day, a superb week, and a
fantastic year!


Elder Madsen


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