Miyamura is Wonderful!

こんにちは!How are you all doing in your various locations? I am doing
quite well here in Shimonoseki, Japan!

Miyamura was confirmed in church yesterday. Yay! She is just as
wonderful as ever. We visited her on Friday and taught again about the
Gift of the Holy Ghost. We also asked how she felt when she was
baptized. She told us that at first, when she went into the water, she
didn’t really understand – there was no special feeling – but when she
came out she felt cleansed, kind of like when you take a bath, but it
was more than a physical cleansing. She is amazing! After church
yesterday – which she was also able to stay for Relief Society as
well, which is nice – Sister Koganemaru, a very sweet lady who often
shows up randomly at our apartment to give us food, had brought some
(probably expensive) cheesecakes and some drinks to celebrate
Miyamura’s baptism and confirmation. I love the members; they are so

On Saturday and Sunday there was a big yearly festival in downtown
Shimonoseki called the 馬関まつり(Bakan Festival), so Elder Whisenant and I
took the opportunity to go there assuming there would be lots of
people to talk to. And there were! Thousands of people. It would not
be an enjoyable time for somebody who is claustrophobic, even though
it was outside, because the crowds of people were crazy! We talked to
many groups of people – mainly inviting people to English class since
the press of people did not really promote much extended conversation,
but around the outskirts we had some nice conversations with people
that were relaxing away from the throng. I think we had some of the
best conversations there, in a relaxed setting where people were open
and somewhat excited (although probably still a bit intimidated) to be
talking to Americans. We actually talked to one 17-year-old kid who
was meeting with the missionaries about a year or so ago, and wanted
to be baptized but said that his parents were against it. Hopefully he
will still be interested in a few years. We also saw and talked with
one of our English Class students who has not been able to come very
often lately. She was very excited to see us, and hopefully will be
able to come to English class again. We also talked with one of the
vendors (in a less crowded section of the festival, where the vendors
had a little time to talk) who was really good at English. Apparently
she lived in America for ten months as an exchange student, and we
were able to have a nice conversation with her as well. Hopefully she
will also be able to come to English class!

I am grateful for this work. I know the Lord is leading it! It can be
frustrating at times; there are many things that can potentially cause
frustration – people, weather, having very few people to teach, having
too many people to teach (that would be nice), schedule conflicts,
etc. – but I have found that one important thing I have learned as a
missionary is how to overcome such frustrations and remain happy
regardless of those things, many of which are not in my control. There
are many things that I want to happen/do, but as I accept the Lord’s
will I can be content with those things that He wants to happen/do. I
just try to be a good instrument that He can use at need.

I love you all, and hope that you have a wonderful day, a superb week,
and a fantastic year!


マドセン 長老
Elder Madsen

p.s. Sorry! I do not yet have the baptism pictures. 😦 Hopefully next week!


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