Hello, everybody! How are you doing in your various locations? I am doing quite well here in Shimonoseki, Japan.

This week has been quite nice. The main event was Fukatani’s baptism! She was baptized on Saturday and then confirmed in church the next day. It was a great experience.

That first picture is very special, because both of them are actually smiling!

We also met with Tanaka a couple times this week (he is the one sitting on the front left in the group picture) and had some good lessons. He is progressing very well, and is currently scheduled to be baptized on November 7th.

This Saturday we have a Halloween Party, which is looking like it will be a very enjoyable time. The YSA in the branch were going to do a “Haunted House”, but they decided that the available rooms in the church are too small, so they are doing “Haunted Housing” instead, where the children will go from room to room doing different activities. I’ll have more pictures of that next week!

I am so grateful for this opportunity to be the Lord’s servant! I am grateful for the many wonderful opportunities that I have to help his Japanese children!

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful day, a fantastic week, a happy Halloween, and a superb year!


Elder Madsen


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