Happy Birthday, Mom! Happy Halloween! みかん刈り!🍊

Hello, everybody! How are you doing in your various locations? I am doing quite well here in Shimonoseki, Japan! 🇯🇵

Happy Birthday, Mom! I hope you have a wonderful day! 🍰

We had some great lessons with Tanaka and were able to determine that he does not need a mission president’s interview. Apparently there was some confusion about one of the interview questions, but things now appear to be in order. We actually had him do a baptismal interview on Saturday, and he is almost ready but still needs to learn a bit more. He has a great testimony of the Restoration, but the interview helped us recognize that we need to teach a more about current prophets. However, I am confident that we can help him fully prepare for baptism within the next few weeks. He is awesome!

Fukatani, our recent convert, is also doing great! For the first few days after her baptism she was feeling a bit down because she did not experience a big change that she was anticipating in being baptized, but we helped her recognize that the change or improvement that she is expecting does not usually come all at once, but takes time and continued effort in enduring to the end. She became much happier throughout the week, and is doing wonderfully now, and I definitely do see a change in her. The Gift of the Holy Ghost truly is wonderful.

Yesterday we had a great lesson with Uehara, a 22-year-old student that Elders Colton and Flippo met during exchanges last week. It was a superb lesson! Uehara does not believe that God is there, so we taught a bit about the nature of God (primarily using the Book of Mormon and some new digital pamphlets that we recently received on our iPads, and he prayed at the end of the lesson! It took a few tries – first to have him pray aloud instead of silently, then to say more than "Dear Heavenly Father…In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen" – but he eventually gave a very nice prayer! It was wonderful. Today we actually have a soccer activity that he will also be coming to, which will be a great opportunity for him to have fun with the missionaries and other YSA members and their friends.

I stll don’t know why the Lord has given me the best new missionary to train, but I am grateful for it every day! Elder Colton is doing wonderfully, and I am sure he will develop into a superb leader – both now and in the future. He truly is helping me to strive every day to become the best missionary that I can be.

On Saturday we had a great Branch Halloween party! Thank you for the Halloween pictures, as they were very useful as we opened by sharing about the things we do for Halloween in America. Everybody who came – which included a few nonmembers – seemed to have a very enjoyable time. I love the members here in Shimonoseki (well, I love the members in every area where I have served so far)!

Today we also went to a みかん刈り(orange picking) 🍊 with a few members of the branch, and it was a lot of fun! We took many pictures; I will try to upload them soon. There is so much to do in so little time! 😩 Oh, well. Life happens.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve the Lord. This is a wonderful work to be doing right now! The field truly is white, already to harvest.


Elder Madsen😀


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